Frankincense One Layer Night Balm: Your One-Stop Beauty Saviour

Frankincense One Layer Night Balm: Your One-Stop Beauty Saviour

This week here on the Green Keratin blog, we are going to be discussing one of the handiest products to have in your evening skincare routine: the Frankincense One Layer Night Balm. Balms have become all the rage within the beauty world over the past year simply because they get the job done. Most people have heard of balms that remove makeup, but most don’t realise that balms are also amazing moisturisers.

But what is the difference between a balm and a moisturiser?

Well, it all comes down to the thickness and consistency, but they all share the same end goal of keeping your skin beautifully moisturised and hydrated. A balm is usually free from any water content, with its base being constructed from oil or beeswax, making it perfectly suited for more dry and mature skin types. A balm is usually slightly thicker than your average moisturiser which is what makes it best for use as part of your night-time routine.

Organic Frankincense Oil 

First we are going to look at the wonderful ingredient from which this balm gets its name. Frankincense oil is a fantastic toning ingredient, helping the skin to look lifted and revitalised. This makes Frankincense Oil perfect for when you are feeling like your skin is looking a bit dull and lifeless. And for me, during these winter months that is more often than not! Frankincense Oil also works to help regenerate cells, while also keeping current skin cells healthy, thus helping to reduce the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles.

As with any oil, frankincense oil is also great for locking in the skins natural moisture by helping to create a protective barrier over the skin.

Macadamia, Cranberry and Kiwi Seed Oils

As this is an oil based product, we have made sure that it is completely packed with only the best oils in order to ensure that you are only nurturing your skin with the best ingredients possible. Which is precisely why we chose these three amazing oils.

Organic Macadamia Oil is famed for its moisturising properties as it is constantly working to help maintain the skin’s moisture levels with palmitoleic acid.

Cranberry oil is absolutely full to the brim with essential fatty acids, these are essential for helping the skin to maintain a healthy balance of moisture. And, keeping your skin as hydrated as possible can help reduce signs of ageing, as the skin is nice and plump and therefore less likely to sag or wrinkle.

And finally, Kiwi Seed Oil is another oil we have included that is packed with nutrients, as well as being a great source of Vitamins C and E.

Natural Vitamin E

In fact, the Kiwi Seed Oil is not the only source of Vitamin E in the product, we have also included natural Vitamin E derived from sunflower. Vitamin E is great for the skin as it works as both an anti-oxidant and a skin conditioner. Anti-oxidants are absolutely essential for maintaining the skins health as they help to protect the delicate dermis from being damaged by free-radicals within the environment. Thus helping to protect the skin from environmental aggressors and reducing both visible and invisible signs of damage. 

Tips from our Team

The best thing about this balm is the fact that it is so quick and easy to use! Oh, as well as the fact that is it 100% Vegan and Cruelty free!

We would suggest using this as part of your night-time routine after cleansing and toning the skin. Although this balm is lovely and sinks into the skin very easily, as it is very oil based, it is best to give your skin as much time as possible to soak up its amazing benefits. 

Start by warming a small amount of the balm between your hands, be careful that you don’t use too much, you want to use just enough to keep your skin looking healthy without clogging your pores. The same applies for all skincare products. All you have to do now is gently massage the balm into your face and neck and leave it to soak in overnight.

Frankincense One Layer Night Balm

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