How to Make the Most of Your Facial Oil

How to Make the Most of Your Facial Oil

As our long days dwindle down to an end it seems as if those luscious, naturally occurring oils that kept our faces gleaming with joy throughout the day tend to disappear with it. When the sun goes into hiding… let’s be honest, we tend to want to as well. That is however, if you aren’t blessed with natural dewy skin. The key to keeping that fresh morning look is to stay hydrated and keep that glow well into that overnight hibernation period that can leave our skin feeling lifeless and thirsty the next day.

Concentrated oils are the perfect drink for your face, with its nutrient-dense properties that penetrate beneath the skin allowing for an effective feel and look of hydration through such a highly concentrated oil[1]. However, with so many concentrated oils out there it’s a mission to find out which one is perfect for your skin type, how to use it and what else could benefit from its moisturising goodness.

How to use your Facial Oil

Concentrated oils work best as part of your night-time regime to keep your face fresh for the morning, locking the moisture in overnight [2] . If you are a lover and user of toners, make sure you apply that toner before moving on to your concentrated oil regime to properly balance out your skin. Keep in mind that water based products should always be used prior to oil based products.

1.    Ensure you get the best out of the oils, use a pea-sized amount as less is more in this case, a small amount is more than enough to cover the face and neck without feeling greasy.

2.    Always apply to a damp face as damp skin is receptive to concentrated products but try not to apply to a dripping wet face as this will counteract the concentrated oils benefits.

3.    Apply that pea-sized amount in dots all over your face targeting problem areas.

4.    Massage the oil into the skin in circular motions.

5.    Get your relaxation on and apply the oil an hour before bedtime!

We suggest using this as part of your daily routine and you will start to see a difference in the appearance of your skin. Concentrated oils are not just used for their nourishing purposes, beauty bloggers have been known for applying a small amount on a beauty blender prior to applying foundation [3]. The oil acts as a primer for smoothing out foundation creases and leaving you with an optimum canvas for your makeup application.

Personally, I find concentrated oils to be versatile, I love using it as a cuticle oil for my nails and in those dire bad hair days I dab a little on my split ends for a quick pick-me-up. The greatest part is that there are no set rules to concentrated oils as they are in such a pure form it’s almost impossible not to use it for everything! These oils may seem daunting at first, in their petite packaging but don't let that fool you, they are easy to use and a treat for your skin at the end of a busy day. 

Click on the image below to check out our Concentrated Facial Oil range and keep an eye out on our blog for upcoming posts on how to find the best facial oil for your skin. 

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