Supercharged Triple Rosehip Oil: Your New Skin Miracle

Supercharged Triple Rosehip Oil: Your New Skin Miracle

If you haven’t heard of Rosehip Oil, then where on Earth have you been? This oil is the “miracle” skincare ingredient that is being talked about by just about everyone in the beauty industry. As a firm favourite of both supermodel Miranda Kerr and actress Rose Byrne, it is easy to see how Rosehip Oil has become a skincare sensation.

But what exactly is all the fuss about?

Well, it isn’t hailed as a “miracle” ingredient for no reason. In fact, for a long time, it was the skin care industries best kept secret. And it is one that has definitely stood the test of time. Rosehip Oil was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans for its healing properties. This oil is by no means a modern trend, it has been the backbone of skincare routines around the world for centuries. 

The fantastic thing about Rosehip Oil is the sheer amount of skincare benefits that come with using it on a regular basis. But why limit yourself to one type of Rosehip Oil extract when you can have three? And that’s where the Green Keratin Supercharged Triple Rosehip Oil comes in. Our Rosehip Oil is perfect to be used on any skin type, so that everyone is able to feel the wonderful benefits of this amazing ingredient.

The Science Behind the Miracle

Our certified organic Rosehip Oils and extracts are expressed from the Rosa Rubiginosa and Rosa Canina, wild plants grown in Chile. We decided to formulate this oil with a specially concentrated blend of Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Extract and Rosehip Fruit Oil so that your skin will be able to fully feel the benefits of this amazing ingredient. If this oil doesn’t supercharge your skincare regimen, then I don’t know what will.

Our Rosehip Oil is cold-pressed and unrefined, this means that they have been processed as little as possible, ensuring that you are receiving the most natural, high quality product.

The Rosehip Seed is made of up to 77% fatty acids, including Linoleic Acid (Omega - 6) and Linolenic Acids (Omega - 3). This means our Rosehip Oil is full to the brim with these wonderful fatty acids and other naturally occurring ingredients such as ProVitamin A, which are all essential for the skins health. 

The Skincare Benefits of Rosehip Oil

As I mentioned earlier, Rosehip Oil is famed for having tons of amazing skincare benefits due to its high concentration of fatty acids. The fatty acids in this oil are fantastic for replacing the skin’s lost moisture and preventing damage caused by dryness. One of the great things about this oil is that it can be used as a treatment for skin conditions such as: eczema, psoriasis and dry, itchy skin.

This moisture boost is also great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for those with more mature skin. These signs of ageing are inextricably linked with a lack of moisture in the skin cells. So, it is important to make sure that your skin is always hydrated so that it can look plump and full of life!

Rosehip Oil has also been found to be incredibly effective at treating signs of sun damage to the skin, such as damaged complexions and darkened spots. Due to the large amount of fatty acids and antioxidants in this ingredient, it is able to rejuvenate damaged complexions by restoring the skin tissue and replenishing its natural nutrients.

And if all of those amazing skincare benefits didn’t seal the deal for you already, Rosehip Oil has also been shown to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Scars and stretch marks occur when the collagen and elastin in your skin tear. Because Rosehip Oil is considered a “dry” oil and is easily absorbed into the skin, it is able to penetrate quickly into the skin’s upper layers. The fatty acids and Vitamin C in Rosehip Oil are then able to soothe the skin, while stimulating collagen production, thus improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Using Rosehip Oil During Pregnancy

As Rosehip Oil is so effective at reducing the appearance of stretch marks, it is ideal for pregnant women. Although it is currently very widely used by pregnant women, some are concerned about using it due to its high concentration of Vitamin A. I am here to assure you that our Rosehip Oil is perfectly safe to be used during pregnancy. This is because the Vitamin A in our Oil is in its beta-carotene form, which is the recommended form of Vitamin A to be used during pregnancy and breast feeding. As well as this, it is completely fragrance free!

Tips for Application

As always, remember to begin with a clean slate. Remember, splashing your face with water is not enough to cleanse the skin, so make sure you fully remove any makeup and properly wash the face. The cleaner your skin is, the better the other products you use will work.

This oil is suitable to be used both in the morning and the evening, so it is easy to fit into your skincare regimen. All you have to do is warm a few drops of this oil in the palms of your hands and massage it gently onto clean, dry skin. Focus on any trouble areas first, such as the cheeks and forehead, but don’t forget to give your neck some attention too! The skin on your neck is incredibly delicate, therefore it ages the fastest, so always remember to give it a little love too. 

With this oil, I would really encourage you to not limit yourself to only using it on your face. As this oil is so effective at reducing the appearance of stretch marks, it would be such a waste not to use it on other areas of the body. It is also great to use on any extremely dry patches that you may have on areas such as elbows and knees!

A little always goes further than you think with skincare products. You should only use enough to give yourself a healthy complexion, without clogging your pores, making your skin look greasy. 

Green Keratin Tip: If you suffer from very dry skin, especially in these upcoming winter months, try applying your moisturiser first and then patting this oil on top. This will create a protective layer over the skin, preventing any moisture loss. This maximises the absorption of both products and creates an amazingly luxurious night treatment.

Supercharged Triple Rosehip Oil

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