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We believe it’s important to stick to our roots, both in skincare and in business, which is why we have always seen it as vital to develop close relationships with our suppliers. Because of this, we have been lucky enough to connect with like-minded people, enabling us to source the highest quality ingredients from organically certified, reputable British suppliers.

Each of our products is handmade by a member of our team in our organic warehouse in London. In fact, everything we do is in-house, we don’t use outside agencies for any aspect of packing, manufacture, or design. From research and development to bottling the final product, everything is done by a member of our team on-site. All our products are produced in small batches, granting us greater control over the production and quality of each individual product.

We also work closely with a special development team who conduct our safety assessment, analysis, research and testing. This ensures that all our products are completely safe and tested in the most ethical way possible. We are proud to state that we never have, and never will test on animals.