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Here at Green Keratin, we believe that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Our carefully crafted formulas are made to nourish and hydrate skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and more beautiful than ever.

We are also committed to not using any toxic substance that could weaken the delicate balance of your skin, thus facilitating the absorption of our products.

We also understand that it can be challenging to find treatments that are suitable for your skin. This is why we offer a money-back guarantee up to 30 days after the purchase of your product, without any justification. Simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase, and we'll take care of the rest!

We also work closely with a development team in charge of carrying out evaluations, analyses, research and tests. This guarantees that our products fully comply with our standards and are tested in the most ethical way possible. We are particularly proud to affirm that our products have never been tested, and will never be, on animals.