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Our journey began in the home, as many businesses do. After leaving his job to retrain in pure, plant based skincare disciplines, Anderson Lira and fellow Co-Founder Glen Keeble began handcrafting skincare products for family and friends. This was when their vision for Green Keratin first began to take shape.

The idea was simple: to create effective organic skincare products out of the highest quality natural ingredients. Because, you only get out of your skin what you put into it, and your skin deserves the best.

After two years of cultivating the best formulas and ingredients, Green Keratin launched its first official Greens Elixir range in 2008. And that was just the beginning, to this day we are still handcrafting products that we are proud of in our organic warehouse in London and our beauty kitchen in Bristol. 

And although our products are no longer produced at home, our ethos will always remain the same: ethical, organic and lovingly handmade by us.